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The New Way of Thinking about Being Smart and Optimizing Performance






Recent advances in neuroscience, neuroeducation, psychology and brain imaging have given rise to the New Science of Learning. Researchers have identified factors, attributes and strategies that are essential for efficient and effective learning, in school and beyond. 

The amount of research and data behind the New Science of Learning is staggering.  We spent over 10 years studying the science and collaborating with experts to understand this new discipline and find a way to transform it into a practical application.  Our final curation of material contains more than 10,000 items, and that represents just the best of the best!

For those who'd like to do some self-discovery and learning, we've listed some of the latest recommended literature and inserted links to a few of the leading universities pioneering learning to learn campaigns and designing instructional programs for their own students.  

The New Way of Thinking About
Being Smart and Optimizing Performance