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What makes Master Learners Smart?

Who are these Master Learners,
and what makes them so smart?
Throughout history, master learners been known as the geniuses, philosphers, inventors, leaders, businesssmen and more. Master learners have been at the forefront of innovation and have been credited with moving humanity forward in thinking and action. 
In school, master learners are the ones at the head of the class, with all the answers and the awards. They come prepared to learn, are engaged in lessons, and ace all the tests.  These are the students who ask questions, take notes, and allocate their time and their resources in ways that help them to be in charge of their own learning. 

For centuries, researchers have studied master learners to understand how they become masters of their own learning processes. What they discovered, through observation and testing is that...

Master learners understand how the brain works to learn and think, and they capitalize on this knowledge. They are motivated by the general belief that learning can be accelerated and improved if they tap into and strategically control their mental processing
to achieve their objectives.

These children and adults all approach learning new information in the same way: they deliberately and mindfully select, apply, monitor and adapt learning strategy throughout all steps of the learning cycle, so as to optimize their learning experiences. They also manage focus, intrusive emotions and waning motivation to foster productivity and workflow.  

And now, exciting new learning research and cutting-edge brain-scanning technology give us evidenced-based proof that the brains of master learnerscontain no genetic
super-powers.  They have the same cognitive assets as do the rest of us.  What makes Master Learners "smarter" than most is their ability to tap into and control those cognitive assets in ways that drive success.
 Being The Master Of Your Own Learning
Makes You Smart 
Science has proven that master learners possess common characteristics and behaviors,
and it is these attributes that make them "smart".  Through study and practice, master learners have developed the skills and habits to be effective and efficient learners, exhibiting the ability to tap into and strategically control their mental processing, which empowers them to optimize performance and results.
The Attributes of  Master Learners
  1. Brain-Based Learner
    A brain-based learning approach focuses on practical strategies linking brain research to student achievement. Brain-based learning is all about smarter, more purposeful learning experiences aligned to how the brain best utilizes its mental processing. Studies show that learning outcomes are exponentially improved with the application of brain-based learning methods.
  2. Mindset-Cultivated Learner
    Our thoughts control our behaviors; there's no denying this fact. Much scientific research has been done with more to come in the near future, as scientists explore just how powerful our thoughts are in governing our actions, our habits, our lives. Through the intentional cultivation of thinking lenses, we are able to apply science to optimize effort.
  3. Mindful Learner
    Mindfulness, like mindset, is the focus of significant brain research. Science has proven that we have the capability of tapping into and manipulating our mental resources. However, like learning, humans are not born with the ability to activate mindfulness and need to be trained to access and refine the application of this powerful thinking and behavior optimizer.
  4. Self-Regulated Learner
    Self-regulation is the process of applying strategy to any mental process. Self-regulated learning, therefore, is the process of applying strategy to the learning cycle, so as to fully achieve desired learning outcomes at EACH STEP OF THE LEARNING CYCLE. Studies reveal that those students capable of applying the pillars of self-regulated learning to the learning process achieve far greater results than those who aren't.
  5. Productive Learner
    Mindset + Mindfulness + Brain-Based Methodology + Self-Regulated Learning = The Cultivated POTENTIAL to be Master Learners. However, without the application of a brain-based workflow system, strategically designed to overcome the brain's innate obstacles, daily distractions, cognitive overload, time limitations, and conflicting goals, effective and efficient learning cannot take place.
  6. Automated Learner
    The brain has limited processing resources available, and all processes vie for the use of these resources. Through strategic conversion of thinking and work routines into mental habits, deeply routed neural pathways are activated to achieve desired results without having to tie up those valuable processing resources, leaving them free to engage in other work.