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Becoming a Master of Strategy, Learning and
Productivity is Critical for Your Children's Futures

It’s important for parents to understand how critical it is for children to learn to become Master Learners. The evidence overwhelmingly supports the installation of the knowledge, skills and habits used for centuries by Master Learners, and now scientifically-proven to optimize performance and results.  Moreover, economic experts and business leaders across the world define Master Learner skills and attributes as the "future currency of employment", and those without a bank run the risk of obsolescence in the very near future.  With the digital revolution upon us, the children of today who will grow into the adults of tomorrow must be able to transform themselves on demand, if they are to remain relevant.
​​​ Here, we’ve outlined attributes and skills to help parents understand what a Master Learner is  and why it's so critical to invest in your children's futures.

You Are the Model

As parents, you play a huge role in influencing the thinking and behavior of your children, so it’s important for you to model a culture of learning and collaboration for your children. Showing your children that you are excited by challenges, see mistakes as learning opportunities, and understand the value of practice and trying different strategies will go a long way in cultivating their thinking about learning!​​ And we've developed a method to make sure this happens.​​​​​​​​

Your Job is to Make Training Stick

We're committed to making our training stick, because we hold as a core belief that training without new habit installation is nothing more than a waste of time and money....and we don't think that's any more fair than children being denied the training proven to make them smart and successful!  To that end, we've studied the science behind habit creation and developed The Training to Habits Parent Toolkit®.  This resource walks parents through daily and weekly reinforcement strategies that will inspire a culture of family collaboration and bury the seeds of habits and keystone routines deep inside the neural pathways of your children.​
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Our Workshops are
Affordable and Convenient

Part of our mission is to reach as many children as possible with our learn2learnnow Master Workshops®.  That means providing an affordable and convenient workshop model for parents, because we know how difficult it is to choose between opportunities for your children. Now, you don't have to.​​
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