We used to believe that intelligence and drive were hardwired at birth,
but now science tells us that being smart and successful have
nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with
Being Trained to Harness the Power of the Brain!

That's Where We Come In...

We Train the Knowledge and Skills
Scientifically-Proven to Make Kids
Smart and Successful,
​Today and for a Lifetime

Bringing Evidenced-Based
Mental Toolkits to Students and
Reinforcement Skills to Parents with the 

Power to Let Everyone Win!

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We Train Kids How To 
Guarantee Academic Success
Parents How To 
Make it Stick for a Lifetime

  1. learn2bBrainyNOW®
    In this first workshop series, we work with children and parents together to apply the principles of brain-based learning. We will train how to establish brain-friendly conditions at home and school, so students can operate within frameworks that calm, clear and stimulate the mind. Upon completion, daily routines will be established, organization and work strategies will be employed, work environments will promote learning and the brain-based foundation for successful training will have been laid.
  2. learn2bEngagedNOW®
    We will quick launch students by training them the rudimentary skills and tools needed to actively learn, so that they are able to fully benefit from our training workshops. Upon completion, students will have the knowledge and know how to: activate focus, maintain attention, listen with intent, tap into thinking, stimulate thinking, capture information and thinking, think visually, and collaborate.
  3. learn2WinNOW®
    We install new paradigms, or ways of thinking, about what it means to be smart and successful. Children will learn that these human attributes are not about genetics, but are brain resources that can accessed, refined and harnessed. They will also learn that success is a choice, achievable through devoted, strategic work, regardless of obstacles, distractions, failures, lack of knowledge, waning motivation and more. Grit, resilience, independence, and a quest for excellence will become part of their mental framework and personal cultures. This is the Success Mindset, and children will learn to apply it to all things to make success become inevitable.
  4. We Bridge Science to Strategy
    This is brain science on steroids! We've translated neuroscience, neurobiology, neuro-education and a wide range of psychology fields into actionable, easy to apply strategies for kids to learn, practice, apply and make into habit. The use of these strategies have proven to significantly improve learning and productivity outcomes.
  5. learn2bStrategicNOW®
    Learning to tap into and self-regulate mental processing is the equivalent of placing the power of the brain in the palms of hands! Students learn they have the ability to assess experiences, determine learning and productivity goals, select appropriate performance-optimizing strategies, and apply, monitor and correct that performs that they can guide their cognitive processes through the steps of learning and execution. After completing this block, students will be proficient at tapping into, stimulating and self-regulating general thinking strategies.
  6. We Leverage Brain Science
    The brain is an amazing organ, capable of so much more than we even know at this time. But what we do know are the conditions under which it operates best. We leverage and train that knowledge to students, so they can strategically apply brain-friendly techniques to optimize thinking and behavior.
  7. learn2bProductiveNOW®
    Children are trained the strategies related to optimizing executive function tasks, including: planning; organization; workflow management; focus and attention; execution; mental work zone balancing and more. Once proficient, students will have developed daily routines and workflow patterns designed to eliminate distractions and make goal achievement inevitable.
  8. learn2bSmartNOW®
    Students will delve deep into the science of learning to understand each step of the learning and thinking processes, and learn how to match and apply proven strategy during each phase in ways that dramatically improve reception, understanding, memory making, knowledge retrieval and application. These are the skills that arm children with the power to efficiently, effectively and independently learn on-demand. So, not only will children be empowered to earn A's today, they'll be able to beat the competition tomorrow, whether human or otherwise!
  9. We Empower Parents and Make it Stick
    Training without a mechanism to convert it into the habits of Master Learners and Workers is a waste of time and money. So, we've borrowed from positive, cognitive and behavioral psychology to build The Parent Guide and Toolkit® that establishes the conditions, behaviors, and feedback necessary to make training stick. The toolkit, rolled-out during learn2ChangeNOW®, includes everything parents will need to guide their children in collaborative, highly-productive habit-building sessions.
  10. learn2ChangeNOW®
    In this powerful workshop series, we borrow from positive psychology and the science of behavior change to install the knowledge and skills that establish a collaborative relationship between parents and children, as students work to transform training into habits. Parents will learn how to observe behavior and give the type of feedback that makes change happen. On top of that, the interactive nature of home activities help children shift their thinking about collaboration and help them to develop this all-important soft skill.
  11. learn2bAutomatedNOW®
    Children will learn to place their key behaviors on autopilot through the development of routines, organization systems and more.  Once completed, once-difficult and often forgotten tasks will become second nature,  and life will be so much easier for all!
  12. learnUrBrainNOW®
    This is an analysis and feedback block, designed to establish Brainprints®, the unique combination of knowledge, skills and learning attributes unique to all brains. Armed with that knowledge, children and parents form a new understanding of the driving forces behind thinking and behavior patterns. Assessments also serve to identify and measure learning and productivity gaps that can be targeted and filled.
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Over the course of several months, we’ll meet with students one day a week, for two hours, working within highly-interactive workshop experiences. The mental operating system we’ve been endowed with was designed pretty well to keep us alive and sane. But what works is not necessarily what’s optimal. We’re not born optimal learners any more than we’re born optimal tennis players. So, students need to learn how to learn, and that's where we come in. We'll explore a long list of new knowledge and skills, but to showcase a few:

  • How the brain works to learn and perform and how humans have the ability to tap into and command their mental processes;
  • How the brain has built within itself, powerful mental algorithms that control focus and stress, and how we have the power to inhibit these distractors;
  • Deconstruct the idea of mindset, so children can cultivate new ways of thinking that will  propel them forever onward toward goals;
  • Children and parents will develop strategic daily routines, so learning and workflow can become automated, freeing the mind's resources for thinking and rest; and
  • Skill development including things like:
    • Collaboration
    • Visual learning
    • Homework and test-taking hacks
    • How mental work can be intentionally scheduled into appropriate mental work zones to optimize productivity and results
We'll do all these things and much more.

To see a preview of a
few of the topics we'll be training,
take a peek at the videos.

What We'll Train

One key piece of neuroscience that can be capitalized on is the concept of routine building and working within mental workzones to optimize processing - whether learning, performing or resting. We'll train children how to categorize and schedule their daily tasks and activities using a mental clarity formula, so brains strategically switch between processing functions and mental fatigue is suppressed.   

We'll also help children draw up daily routines and workflows to make the best use of time and reverse engineer their lives.  Over time, and with the appropriate feedback, these routines will become embedded in students' brains, so that work becomes automated, freeing up both students and parents for more play and rest.  

Better Systems, Better Ways of Living

Training without practice leads to lost learning opportunity, so one of the first things we'll do is train students the evidenced-based best way to practice new understanding and skills.  Each week, students will be be provided with daily installment practice activities to guide their mental processing to full understanding hand skill installation. As they practice, their brains will form new neural networks, which will become stronger and stronger with each practice session. 

How Students Will
​Practice at Home

There's a great deal of science and literature dedicated to the creation of new habits and the deconstruction of ineffective ones.  The key takeaways from all this data is that in order for new behavior change to become permanent, individuals must:

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Be observed during practice
  • Recieve appropriate feedback, both positive and corrective
  • Correct incorrect processing
  • Do it all again 

Given that parents are with children more than anyone else, it's imperative they do the observation and feedback activities associated throughout the process.  The bad news is that children often resent having parents watch over them and give feedback.  The good news is that we've built a brain-based toolkit to systematically guide parents in a way that promotes long-term family collaboration, team-building skills and more.

How Training Will Be
Transformed Into New Habit