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Schools Don't Equip Students with the Skills they need to be Competitive in the Future

  1. Plummeting Student Achievement
    US students are trapped in a "what to learn" education paradigm instead of the learner-driven, self-regulation and skills-based models being launched in other parts of the world with great results. And while our learning institutions should be the conduits for the same type of developmental transfers seen elsewhere, our current paradigm is failing our kids. More times than not, the pressure to "test well" supercedes real learning and denies students the opportunity to engage in active learning experiences. It's no wonder overall US student performance continues to plummet in comparison to their global peers.
  2. Learning and Productivity Paradigm Shifts are Advocated
    Spurred on by a fear of lost future opportunity in the wake of ever-declining performance, parents, economists and business leaders are advocating for the adoption of the type of brain-based, self-regulated learning models proven to be so successful elsewhere in the world. The goal is to keep US students and adults on an even playing field, and to that end, a number of private alternatives to the traditional K-12 education system are popping up across the country.
  3. Change Won't Come Anytime Soon
    But these changes are neither plentiful nor powerful enough to change the downward flow of the American education river any time soon. In fact, learning and business experts predict that at least one generation of American students will be processed through the same "factory-driven" model created during and as a support to the Industrial Revolution before any real and sustainable evolution will be realized. That includes your children and maybe even your grandchildren.
  4. Change is No Easy Feat
    Why? Because change of the magnitude required to effectively and efficiently migrate our long-outdated system to one in which our children are trained the techniques, the skills and the tools to activate their own learning, independently and on demand, will be no easy feat to achieve. Long before schools can deliver such an overarching institutional change to students, the models used to train teachers and administrators will first need to radically change. Only then can change trickle down to students.
  5. So, Where Does That Leave American Kids and Adults?
    It leaves them at a seriously grave disadvantage to those children around the world lucky enough to be educated within learner-driven, metacognition-centered models. Unlike those kids, our American students will grow into American adults lacking the critical independent learning skills needed to successfully navigate within a world of ever-faster flowing technology, information and change. Those future and American adults will face competitors who are being trained the science of learning right now and through that training are installing the on-demand, strategic mental toolkits that will allow them to outperform our kids.
  6. What's the Solution?
    The time has come to shift the American education paradigm, from one in which children are taught subject matter content to another by which children are trained to install the thinking, behaviors and habits used by master performers to optimize current and future potential. And because we know that institutional change will be slow and arduous, this strategic development will need to be accomplished outside of the traditional American education system. Instead, students and adults need professional training to achieve learning and performance optimization, the type delivered through the science and behavioral psychology model developed by learn2learnnow®.