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We're on a mission to train children​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
how to be smart and install the skills
​experts say they'll need to be
competitive today and tomorrow!

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We are ​​​​​​​​​​​​​learn2learn



...we train kids
how to learn and be productive,
so they can be smart and successful, in school and beyond!

 We are a learning and development company, made up of a team of certified, professional trainers, on a quest to equip children of all ages with the power to transform themselves, ​so that they can earn A's today and beat the competition in the future, ​whether human or otherwise. 

What's the Big Deal?

Experts Say...
Meet the Team
About Me
​​ I am Jeanette Peacock, the Founder and President of learn 2 learn now ®
As a Fortune 500 executive and learning and training professional, I worked with adults to surface and develop leadership and productivity skills for many years.  Now, I work with students to unleash the power of their brains and place it in the palms of their hands, because, while everyone has the potential to be smart, very few've been professionally trained the scientifically-proven, best ways to learn and be productive...

and I don't think that's fair!

So, inspired by the needs of my own children, I immersed myself in the New Science of Learning to study neuroscience, neuro-education, cognitive psychology and more.  My vision was to empower all children to be smart and successful!  It was a long journey, but worth every single step.   

My Story
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Our Team
  • As learning and training professionals, our team of training coaches worked with a wide range of clients to install mindful leadership and productivity skills, scientifically-proven to drive outstanding performance.
​​We know how to hack the brain and train children to do the same, so they can tap into and engineer their cognition.
  • We were recruited for our ability to inspire the changes in thinking that plant the seeds of long-term behavior change, because core to our thinking is that training without the installation of new habits is nothing but a waste of time and money.
  • And just like our students, we were trained to become Master Learners, so that we could guide children across the bridge from the science of learning to its real-world strategic application. 
What's a
Master Learner?
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Our Mission
Our Vision
We envision children with the power to transform themselves, on demand, so as to remain relevant and thwart obsolescence in the face of a radically changing future job landscape. 
We are on a mission to install the brain-based, powerful mental toolkits, skills and habits used for centuries by Master Learners and now scientifically-proven to significantly improve one's ability to learn, think and work! These are the skills experts predict will empower children to transform right along with the transformative world.
Our Solution
Our Commitment
We've created a bridge from interdisciplinary research and scientific discoveries to a real-world application that optimizes the most essential part of our human capital: the ability to learn. We learned the science, collaborated with experts and designed the instruction that will make children smart and successful.
While most training sessions transfer knowledge and an introduction to skill development, we our committed to installing new ways of thinking and behavior that shape children's futures. This is our commitment, because we believe that training without the installation of new habits is a waste of time and money.
Our Core Beliefs
Our Guiding Principles
These are the keystones of our mission. 
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    Science tells us that Everyone has the Potential to be Smart
    There is overwhelming evidence from multi-disciplinary science that tells us that everyone has the potential to tap into and command their cognitive assets. The problem is that few understand the science enough to do so by themselves.
  2. 7
    A Bridge is Needed to Navigate from Science to Real-World Application
    Translating complicated science into an easy-to-adopt, learn to learn program is no easy feat but is the bridge between research and practical application. While educators acknowledge this truth, overwhelming beaurocracy prevents migration.
  3. 8
    Changes in Thinking Drive Behavior Change
    Teachers are tasked with knowledge transfer, while a trainer's goals are to surface paradigm shifts and get buy-in, so as to install true understanding and targeted skill development. Certified, professional trainers are powerful change agents.
  4. 6
    Self-Regulated Learning is Not Innate to Humans
    Humans aren't born knowing how to engineer their cognition, so they must learn these skills or lose the opportunity to become Master Learners and Performers. Research further reveals that the younger one learns to self-regulate, the better the thinker produced.
  5. 1
    Intelligence is Defined by Cognitive Engineering Proficiency
    Cognitive engineering can be defined as the the awareness and ability to strategically tap into and control one's mental processing in order to achieve goals. Intelligence is now measured by how intentional, effective and efficient one is at engineering cognition.
  6. 3
    Self-Regulated Learners Cultivate a Powerful Mindset
    Self-regulated learners are cognizant of their academic strengths and weaknesses, believe intelligence can be grown and attribute their successes or failures to factors within their control. Grit, resilience, independence and mindfulness are their keystones.
  7. 2
    Cognitive Engineering is Achieved through Self-Regulated Learning
    Self-regulated learning is learning guided by metacognition (thinking about one's thinking), strategic action (planning, monitoring, and evaluating progress), and motivation to learn toward goals of information acquisition, expanding expertise and self-improvement.
  8. 4
    Self-Regulated Learning Makes Children Smart and Successful
    Self regulated learners are successful because they control their learning environment through self-motivation, focus and by directing and regulating their own action. Experts have linked these traits to success in school and beyond.
  9. 9
    Training Must Be Transformed into Habit
    While trainers elicit change, and practice plants the seeds of new routines, habit installation and automated workflow require daily observation, appropriate feedback and corrective action. Parents must be trained these skills to make training stick.
  10. 10
    A Learn2Learn Training Program Has the Power to Make Everyone Smart
    Making children smart and successful takes nothing more than a simple math formula: A Simplified Model of Self-Regulated Learning + Mindset Cultivation + Professional Learn2Learn Training + Habit Installation = Smart Children on the Road to Success.